Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to view your data usage?

Often clients want to know exactly how much data they have consumed over a certain period. This is very handy for post-paid clients with data cap and also for pre-paid users. Here's how you can do that:

1) Log-into Banglalion's Self-Care page. Open your Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer/Google Chrome or any other that you generally use) and go to and click on the SELF-CARE link near the top of the page. Alternatively, you can directly to

2) At the Banglalion WiMAX Billing & Collection page, enter your Banglalion user ID at the "User Name" field and your account password at the "Password" field. For example, User ID: example.user and Password: 123456.

3) After logging in, click "History" and then click "Session\Calls Report". 

4) Now, enter the searching date range ("From Date" and "To Date") for which you wish to view data usage and then click "Submit".

Selecting date range to view data usage

5) The new page will display your data usage for the date range you selected in Step 4. The "Total" balance will show you your consumed data (in kilobytes, KB).
In order to convert the Total usage to megabytes (MB), divide the KB value by 1024. To covert megabytes (MB) to Gigabytes (GB), divide KB value by 1048576 or MB value by 1024.

For example,
2,621,440 KB = 2,621,440/1,024 = 2,560 MB = 2,560/1,024 = 2.5 GB
2,621,440 KB = 2,621,440/1,024 = 2.5 GB

Online Data Calculation: or

If there is any confusion or any further queries that you may have, you can always contact our call center at any time calling +88 01198-989-898 or email us at or

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